Fedorova N.V. 2014. Left from sun, right from month: plaques with a falconer on pp.162

Author: Fedorova N.V.

Year of Publication: 2014

Source: Fedorova N.V.

Publisher: "Delovaya Pressa"

Place of Publication: Ekaterinburg

Pages: 244 and article on pp.162-174.

Language: Russian

ISBN: ISBN 978-5-9904335-2-6

Link to: Website

Click link to download the file: Арх.Арк.-вып.-2.pdf (34.19 MB)

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Fedorova N.V. 2014. [Left from sun, right from month: plaques with a falconer (Front-Uralia and Western SIberia, epoch of the Middle Ages)] // [Archeology of the Arctics]. Ekaterinburg. 2014. Pp.162-174. In Russian.

 7 very interesting images of falconers are described in details.



The article id dedicated to an analysis of so called plaques  with a falconer – round silver and those with gilt, sometimes with black niello (black enamel) subjects (artefacts), scenes and iconography of personages on which are amazingly uniform. By the present time their number is over 30 specimens. Geographical range: northern Front-Uralia – north-west of Western Siberia. The iconography of images and their attributes, composition of décor, dating of plaques and also the place of production of this group of artefacts and potential interpretation are considered in details. In conclusion the statement is proposed that plaques with a falconer together with other categories of round plaques (casted, minted with pearl ornament on edge) had significance for fixation of specific “Table of Ranks” in rapidly changing world of the beginning – the middle of 2nd millennium AC.

Key words: plaques with a falconer, iconography, composition, silver, «sun» and «month», toreutics, Front-Uralia, north-west of Western Siberia, The Volga Bulgaria.

Fig. 1. Plaques with a falconer from Western Siberia

1 — Plaque from F.Martin‘s collection; 2 — Plaque from Saigatin 4th burial site;

3 — Plaque from Berezovskiy District; 4 — Plaque from Anzhigort settlement

Fig. 2. Plaque with a falconer from private collection, found in Khulimsunt settlement

Fig. 3. Plaque with a falconer from private collection

Fig. 4. Plaque with a falconer from private collection

Fig. 5. Plaque with a falconer from private collection  

Fig. 6. Plaque with a falconer from private collection with an image of trefoil

Fig. 7. Fragment of dish with depiction of two personages with a horn


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