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Dalli - falconer in Iraq near Kubaisa

Dalli - falconer in Iraq

Date Created: 23 August 2017

Comments from Sir Terence Clark - 

When exploring the western frontier town of Rutba for vestiges of the old British Nairn Bus Company I was introduced to a famed local hunter with falcons and Salukis called 'Dalli'. He was a real character and spent most of the winter months hunting gazelle alive to help stock a reservation not far from the town. He would use his Saluqis to run the gazelle to the point of exhaustion when he could collect them and put them in the back of his pickup.  





Author: Sir Terence Clark

Source: The Internet

Owner: Sir Terence Clark

Location: Saluqis in the Country of Origin - Iraq

Link to Website: http://saluqi.net/id14.html