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Kazakhi berktuchi Masip Batyrkhanuly

Kazakhi berktuchi Masip Batyrkhanuly

Date Created: 14 June 2017

The photo is from the article by Anna Matsyuk "The Soaring Eagle - Symbol of Independence".  All 3 photos in this article are provided by Tourism Department of Akmolinsk Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the photo - owner of hounorable badge (decoration)  "Exemplary worker of hunting industry  of the USSR" Masip Batyrkhanuly.

In the 1930's owing to falconry the Kazakhi berkutchi Masip Batyrkhanuly saved his home aul (village) Botai from starvation. In the years of Great Patriotic War after sending his son to front inpite of serious age Masip continued his falconry and sent all bagged by him furs to workshops where warm clothes was made for soldiers on front. After the end of war Masip Batyrkhanuly was awarded by medal «For self-sacrificing labour in the years of Great Patritoc War 1941–1945».

Author: Anna Matsyuk

Source: The INternet, Journal "Veter stranstviy" - "Wind of wanderings"

Owner: Journal "Veter stranstviy" - "Wind of wanderings" Nr. 56 (2016)

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Link to Website: http://veters.kz/paryashhij-oryol-simvol-nezavisimosti/

Click link to to download the file: Journal "Veter stranstviy" - "Wind of travels" pdf article (809.67 KB)