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International WaSH Conference III Women and Sustainable Hunting

Author: Editor Tula Stapert & Mary Zeiss Stange

Year of Publication: 2016

Source: July 2-3, 2016 Wageningen, The Netherlands

Publisher: Stichting werkgroep Diana, The Netherlands

Place of Publication: Wageningen, The Netherlands

Pages: 68

Language: English

ISBN: not shown

Female hunters and falconers have organized
themselves on an international level to organize a
conference with a focus on Education.
Collaboration has been sought with Wageningen
University which holds a chair in wildlife management,
the only such chair in Europe. The collaboration came
forth out of friendship and the desire to strengthen
the ties between female falconers and hunters. Our
shared mission is to convey our hunting tradition
for future generations, with an eye toward species
protection, conservation and sustainability. The
younger generation is becoming more and more
alienated from its natural environment, and has
little idea of even where their food comes from. By
organizing a conference in the heart of the academic
world, projects and ideas can be exchanged among
professionals and across generations, in new and
provocative ways. Our objective is to put nature
education and academic research on the subject
firmly on the world map.

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Historical Introduction
Dr Helen mc Donald (UK): Dedicated to all hunting amazon
Fiona Claire Capstick (South Africa): The huntress in Africa – an overview
Dr Soňa Chovanová Supeková (Slovakia): Hunting and falconry in the Slavic countries of Central Europe
Dr Diane Durman-Walters (UK): Passion for falconry as a catalyst for future generation
Dr Mary Zeiss-Stange (USA): North American Dianas: Hunting for tradition
Dianne Moller (USA): Women and North American Falconry - past and present
Conference presenters
Prof. dr. Ron Ydenberg (Canada): Summary of opening address
Dr Annelies Henstra (the Netherlands): Every child has the right to nature
Drs Laurens Hoedemaker (the Netherlands): The importance of being earnest
Marina Lamprecht (Namibia): Hunting for Conservation and Education - the Namibian Model
Elisabeth Leix (Germany): Falconry to be taken into consideration of parenting and career
Dr Heli Siitari (Finland): Even abundant game species benefit from local effort for conservation
Ineke Smets (New Zealand): A brief out line of falconry as an ancient culture in a new country
Drs Janneke Eigeman (the Netherlands): It starts with why.
Catherine E. Semcer (USA): The Power of the Feminine: Amplifying Women’s Voices In the Global Debate on Hunting
Nicola Dixon (UK): Schoollinks Programme, using falcon conservation and falconry to establish international links
between schools