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White Goshawk 2 by Emperor Huizong (Zhao, Ji)

Date Created: 04 April 2016

Comments from Huisheng Chen:

Emperor Huizong (Zhao, Ji) of North Song Dynasty China (AD 960-1126) was recognized as the greatest birds of prey painter in traditional Chinese painting and one of the greatest calligraphers in Chinese history (but one of the worst politicians). I guess Siberian white goshawk must be as expensive as it is now a days that Zhao, Ji painted at least two white goshawks .

Author: Emperor Huizong (Zhao, Ji)

Source: Huisheng Chen

Owner: National Palace Museum

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Link to Website: http://painting.npm.gov.tw/getCollectionImage.aspx?ImageId=555553&r=49746632681