Hindustan jade eagle falconer armrest, a tribute from Mughal Empire to Qing dynasty China.

Date Created: 04 April 2016

Author: Unknown

Source: Huisheng Chen

Owner: National Palace Museum

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Link to: Website

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  • 17th Century
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The Qing dynasty (Chinese: 清朝; pinyin: QÄ«ng Cháo; Wade–Giles: Ch'ing Ch'ao; IPA: [tÉ•Ê°íÅ‹ tʂʰɑ̌ʊ̯]), officially the Great Qing[4] (Chinese: 大清; pinyin: Dà QÄ«ng), also called the Empire of the Great Qing, or the Manchu dynasty, was the last imperial dynasty of China, ruling from 1644 to 1912 with a brief, abortive restoration in 1917. It was preceded by the Ming dynasty and succeeded by the Republic of China. The Qing multi-cultural empire lasted almost three centuries and formed the territorial base for the modern Chinese state.

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