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History of Falconry - Geschichte der Falkenjagd * Bildbericht * Historische Memorabile 1924

Geschichte der Falkenjagd - Afghanistan

Date Created: 29 February 2016

Photo was taken by Oskar von Niedermayer.

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Oskar Ritter von Niedermayer (8 November 1885 – 25 September 1948) was a German General, professor and a German super-spy. Sometimes referred to as the German Lawrence (just like Wilhelm Wassmuss), Niedermayer is remembered for having led the 1915–1916 Persian and Indo-German-Turkish mission to Afghanistan and Persia during World War I in an endeavor to incite the Emir Habibullah Khan to attack British India, as a part of the Persian and Hindu German Conspiracy as an adjunct to the German War effort. Between the World Wars, Niedermayer was associated with the Universities of Munich and Berlin.


Author: Erich Keller, photo by Oskar von Niedermayer

Source: the Internet

Owner: Unknown

Location: Austria

Link to Website: http://www.ebay.at/itm/Geschichte-der-Falkenjagd-Bildbericht-Historische-Memorabile-1924-/151904117025?hash=item235e30e121:g:tacAAOSwxN5WYGGs

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Geschichte der Falkenjagd

Geschichte der Falkenjagd