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Lidat Mingijia huishua xiyue xiangling tu

Lidat Mingijia huishua xiyue xiangling tu - book on Chinese falconry

Year of Publication: 2013

Source: Gift during the International festival in Abu Dhabi in the UAE in December 2014

Publisher: http://www.ahmscbs.com

Place of Publication: China

Pages: 16 folded pages

Language: Chinese

ISBN: 978-7-5398-4292-9

Comments from FHt Director Huisheng Chen -

This is a scroll painting from north Song Dynasty by Li, Gongilin. The painting presenting the immortals descending to the "West Mountain" (Hua Shan). Although the subjects in the painting was immortals, the artist was actually showcasing the leisure life of nobilities in Song Dynasty. The falconry hunting party with the birds and hounds employed, the ladies in the wagon and sedan and their pet parrot.....

Price - 80 yuan.