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Imagine if Edmund Bert's friends had preserved his personal effects after his death: bells worn by his tiercel "Wormes" or maybe the manuscript of his influential book.

Imagine being able to see a hood once removed from a falcon's head by Frederick II, a glove worn by Taymur Mirza, a lure belonging to Charles D'Arcussia.

Such objects may still exist but, as far as we know, they have been permanently lost to the falconry community. Fortunately, many important relics of falconry's heritage do exist in private hands around the world. However, some important items are not accessible to other people that might gain interest, pleasure or knowledge from them. In addition, once the owner dies, what becomes of the items then? Would friends or relatives preserve them or would they discard a battered old hood that once passed through the hands of Adriaan Mollen and James Edmund Harting, unappreciative of its significance?

The Falconry Heritage Trust needs your support to ensure that what we have left of the world's falconry heritage is not lost, destroyed or carelessly disposed of. Our Internet archive means that falconers, academics and the media can have access to important items electronically without them ever leaving the owner's possession. It also means that the physical location of these items can be stored securely and confidentially so that artefacts can no longer disappear without trace. Whatever your background, interest or experience in the sport, you can play a part in preserving this precious heritage for the future.

Please follow the appropriate link/s to offer financial support, support us in kind, donate items or to offer your services as a volunteer.