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Artefacts By Time (521 to 540 of 2877)

Link Ancient Falconry by Dr.Keith Dobney
Link An Elegant Hawking Party Resting in a Park by Jan Josef Horemans
Link Allies of the Air - film on the falconry worldwide
Link Algerian Falconer
Link Algeria falconers - unused postcard
Link A young Qatari boy with his falcon in Al Khor, Qatar by Sogs Karim
Link A Hunt with Falcons by Louis Philippe Crepin
Link A Hawking Party, Cover of a set of writing tablets, Germany, 1330-1350
Link A extensive landscape with a hawking party
Link "Sovereigns of the Sky" by Steve Bodio
Link 5 photos of falconers on the way to Bamian in Afghanistan by Tsur Shezaf
Link The Archives of Falconry
Link LE FAUCONNIER - Thierry Bruet (1949)
Link International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF)
Link Kazakh Eagle Hunter Trains His Bird for Ancient Hunting Contest
Link Falconry - 2057 photos from Flickr web-site
Link Hawking. From Turberville's Book of Falconry, reproduced in Shakespeare's England.
Link Award of Arms for Arturus Falconeri
Artefact Hunting with Golden Eagles from T.E.Gordon's Roof of the World, 1876 Original Drawing
Artefact Falconer: red hose, violet-black doublet, brown slashed sleeves, green boots w. gray reveres, black Image