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Artefacts - 2nd Millenium BC (1 to 20 of 29)

Artefact Workshop on Falconry History - Program Program in pdf of Workshop on Falconry History in Scandinavia and Northern Europe
Book Short Introduction to Korean Falconry Article by Chang-Yong Choi "Short Introductuion to Korean Falconry"
Artefact Mummified falcon in Science Museum in London Mummified Falcon
Artefact Kazakhi berkutchi 1 by Alexander Nemakin Kazakhi falconer 1 by Alexander Nemakin
Artefact Hawking at the Great Wall By Arthur Adams in "The Zoologist", 1861, edited by Jakob E. Borch
Artefact Animal cosmos with Golden Eagle. Everland zoological garden in South Korea Colour Photograph
Artefact A trained mature Siberian goshawk with an austringer in South Korea Colour Photograph
Artefact Wooden sculpture of man and woman falconers Colour Photograph
Book Falconry a World Heritage A symposium supprted by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, 12-15 September 2005, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Book Abstracts in Proceedings of "Hunting in Northern Europe" Meeting The Proceedings of ther Conference “Hunting in northern Europe until 1500 AD” (Old traditions and regional developments, continental sources and continental influences) (Schleswig, June 16th and 1
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Link Historical Perspectives on Falconry
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