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Book by Georges Lenzi on Eagle Hunters in Altai

Sayat. Les Aigliers de l'Altai (Sayat Eagle Hunters in Altai)

Author: Geogres Lenzi

Year of Publication: 2013

Pages: 168

Language: French

ISSN: ISBN-10: 8836625126 ISBN-13: 978-8836625123

A new book on falconry with the Golden Eagles in Altain mountains in Western Mongolia is published in France and in French by Georges Lenzi. The title of the book is "SAYAT The Altai Eagle Hunters" by Georges Lenzi / Drawings by Marcello Pettineo. 168 pages, format 250 x 290 mm. Product Dimensions: 26 x 2 x 30 cm

Contact for Author is - georges.lenzi(special sign)gmail.com