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Grants and scholarships

Date: 08 April 2010

Grants and scholarships The Falconry Heritage Trust is inviting applications for grants and scholarships. Guidelines and conditions for funding: ' Proposals for projects that support the objectives of the Falconry Heritage Trust will be considered. These could be studies documenting falconry heritage through the medium of the written word, film or photography, two or three dimensional art, recorded interviews, translation or reproduction of material, preservation of artefacts or collections, preparation of educational or public awareness material, presentations or displays, academic studies or theses, travel. ' Preference will be given to projects that support UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage initiatives. ' Funding can be for an individual, a group or an organisation. ' Initial funding can be for a period up to three years. Funded projects may be continued or extended into following years depending on the results of the previous year. ' Eligible countries: Global. ' We expect most allocations to be in the region of £2000 -£5000 but will consider applications up to a maximum of £20,000 which is our current total grant budget. ' Funding will be paid on the basis of agreed milestones and production targets. ' Projects may be published or reproduced in academic or other journals as well as being disseminated by the Falconry Heritage Trust. ' The FHT retains the right to publicise or otherwise use the results of the work to promote falconry heritage. ' Successful applicants work at their own risk, and the FHT accept no responsibility for any loss or injury arising from this work. ' Applicants will conform to all relevant national and international laws, including obtaining whatever copyrights may be necessary. ' The Falconry Heritage Trust must be acknowledged in all reports and papers written as result of the work. ' Submissions of applications for funding may be made at any time but will be considered by the Board on a periodic basis. ' Applications for funding should be sent by email to fht(AT)falcons.co.uk . Application form is in attached file.

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