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Falconry Heritage session at Falconry Conference during Festival of Falconry in Al Ain, UAE, 13-15 D

Date: 24 January 2012

UAE – Al Ain: The official lunching of the Falconry Conference has been launched 13.12.2011 in Rotana Hotel – Al Ain as part of the Second International Festival of Falconry activities with the participation of 93 international experts, scientists, researchers and specialists in all issues related to falconry and its current status and future plans developed by the UNESCO for the preservation of falconry and sustainability as human heritage. The first day covered forum's sessions as the following:
Preserving Our Intangible Heritage; Lessons Learned from a Quarter Century of American Efforts, submitted by S. Kent Carnie - Founding Director and Curator (Emeritus), The Archives of Falconry.
Falconry in Italy throughout the Centuries submitted by Patrizia Cimberio.
Research on the Books of Japanese Falconry from the 13th- 16th century submitted by Dr. Yasuko Nihonmatsu
Creation of the Middle East Falconry Archive, a Unique Documentary Heritage submitted byPatrick Paillat and Catherine Tsagarakis-Ostrowski
The Falconry Heritage Trust submitted by Jevgeni Shergalin (archivist of FHT)
Trapping and Trading in the 17th century submitted by Jacques van Gerven