Taymur Mirza with his sons

Date Created: 30 April 2012

Author: Antoin Sevruguin but may be somebody other

Source: Myron Bement Smith Collection

Owner: Free Gallery of Art and Arthur M.Sackler Gallery Archives

Location: Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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Negative number 58.1. Comments of Shabnam Rahimi-Golkhandan:  

The central figure in the photo is indeed Taymur Mirza and the figures around him are his sons, one of whom became the successor of his dad in Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar’s court. We do have a negative of the image in our archive of Antoin Sevruguin’s photos; however, the image might be a reprint of an older photograph taken by someone other than Sevruguin. I am assuming that the image was taken around 1860s, judging by the age of Taymur Mirza and his sons (there are photographs of Taymur Mirza looking much older and since he died in 1872 I am guessing the date to be about 10-12 years prior to his death). The location is most probably Tehran, Since Taymur Mirza and his family returned to Iran around the early 1860s where he later died and was buried (he lived in Baghdad before that). Apparently, Nasir Al-Din Shah was very fond of Taymur Mirza and was paying him quite a noticeable salary.

With kind permission of Betsy Kohut, Shabnam Rahimi-Golkhandan and David Hogge.

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