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Artefacts By Species (2841 to 2860 of 2902)

Link Falconers off to the hunt. 17th Century Russia by Lebedev 1896
Link Falconers of Banias Syria, Hurley, Frank, 1885-1962
Link Falconers of Alahan from Rackham 1996-2003
Link Falconers in Saudi Arabia
Link Falconers in Pairs (533--617, between Eastern Wei to Sui Dynasty). 5 3/4x4x7
Link Falconers in Gorband, Central Afghanistan in 2003 by Patricia Monaco
Link Falconers from
Link Falconers dressing their birds from
Link Falconers Bag 1695 by Jan Weenix - Met Museum of New York
Link Falconers Club
Link Falconer from Kuwait
Link Falconer by Leon Shulman Gaspard (1882-1964)
Link Falconer by Gustaf Brusewitz (1812-1899)
Link Falconer by circle of Adam Styka (Polish, 1890-1959)
Link Falcon-Falconer by John Dreyton 1710-1779
Link Falcon's Hood. Russia c.1650.
Link Falcon (brass incence burner) in Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar
Link Exhibiting the Falcons - Russia - 17th. c.
Link Don Quixote and Sancho Meeting the Lady Hawking
Link Das Falken- und Hundebuch des Kalifen al-Mutawakkil