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Artefacts By Species (2701 to 2720 of 2877)

Book The Falconers of Valkenswaard and Hawking at the Royal Courts In the 18th century, royalty and the aristocracy of Europe were passionate about falconry, thus giving rise to an extensive trade in falcons. The capture of falcons became subject to a licensing syste
Book Sokol na perchatke (Falcon on Glove) Good book on falconry and hawking in the ex-USSR
Book Sir Thomas Monson, Falconer to King James 1 History of rediscovery of the portrait ofSir Thomas Monson - well-known British falconer
Book Short Introduction to Korean Falconry Article by Chang-Yong Choi "Short Introductuion to Korean Falconry"
Link Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan Falconry Heritage Wing
Link Saudi Arab Royal Falconer by Dr Lily Eevrsdijk-Smulders
Link Saudi Bedouin falconer 1955
Link Russian Imperial Society of Hunting and Dog-breeding
Link Russian playing card with falconer
Link Russian Falconers' Gloves of the 17th century
Link Russian Falconry Association
Link Procession of Falconers (Topkapi Libraries)
Link Refreshments at the Tsar's Hunt. Russia. 17th. c.
Link Presentation of the Honorary Glove, from Schwartz, Russia, 17th century.
Book Secrets of skills. Falconry. Biology of birds of prey, training and rearing, diseases and prophylaxi Data on falconry are represented. Conditions of keeping, methods of feeding and preparation to hunting season of Gyrfalcons, Saker Falcons, Peregrine Falcons, hawks and other birds of prey are describ
Book The Revival of Falconry The Revival of Falconry
Book Practice of Falconry Practise of falconry in Tatarstan, Russia is described in details
Book Portraits of famous falcons Dedicated to the late Piet Tujin, biologist and former director of Museum Doorwerth, author of books and articles regarding the history of falconyr in the Netherlands and its literature
Book Persian Falconer with Intermewed Goshawk ca. 1890-1900. Albument print.
Book Old Hawking Club Journal 1st Volume Part 2 Old Hawking Club Journal 1st Volume [Part 2}. 1883-1892 on 106 pp.