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Artefacts By Species (2601 to 2620 of 2744)

Link Hawking in the olden time - King James I in hawking custom
Link Hawking in Taiwan
Link Hawking in Shanghai thanks to Mr.Cao, Yifan
Link Hawking in Algeria (Hawking in the Sahara)
Link Hawking from the Labors of the Months; Easby, North Yorkshire (Ripon)
Link Hawk Strikes a Swan from Nanjing Museum, China
Link Hawk Perched on Gauntlet of a Falconer, Ambrotype, British, 1855
Link Hand-painted prints by Eric Hotz - hawking
Link Grand Falconer of France
Link Grand Falconer Heraldry in France
Link Golden Eagle Hunting in Kazakhstan
Link Georgian Falconer - photo by John Kennan
Link George Edward Lodge Trust
Link French medieval costumes old illustration
Link Foundation
Link Figure of Falconer of Tang dynasty, China
Link Falconry, a Southern African Heritage in the Making by Dr.A.P.F.Lombard
Link Falconry section at
Link Falconry on UAE Interact
Link Falconry in Tunisia by Qatari sheikh - 18 photos