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Artefacts By Species (2341 to 2360 of 2877)

Link Altair - young falconer
Link Leon Shulman Gaspard (1882-1964): Falconry in Central Asia, oil on silk, 58x43 cm, Fred Jones Jr. Mu
Link 1890s Japanese 3 Big Photographs Samurai FALCONRY archery,swordplay,horse racing
Link First dream: Fuji, hawks, and eggplants by Japanese Artist Kitagawa Utamaro. Between 1798 and 1801.
Link Bahraini falconer Abdulla Bin Essa Bin Sabt Al-subaiey in 1966
Book Images of falconry in Kyrghyzstan from the Falconry Heritage Trust's image collection Images of falconry in Kyrghyzstan
Link Edouard DOIGNEAU (1865-1954) Le fauconnier arabe. Gouache, signée en bas à droite. 60 x 47 cm.
Link Algeria biskra un fauconnier
Link La fauconnerie célébrée à Doukkala
Link Falken-Jagd in Algerien, Ausritt zur Beizjagd, Original-Farb-Autotypie von 1898
Link Jean Francoise Arrigoni -Neri - La fauconnier arabe
Link Peregrine Falcon on la Cathédrale Saint Maurice d'Angers in France
Link Royal Falcon Hunt by Theo Faberge
Link A Walk through time - 200-20 year ago - Falconry in the UAE - one old photo
Link Inaugural Falconry Meet of the Raptor Association of New Zealand, Waihopai Valley (1974)
Link Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life
Link Frank Wenzel initiates as the first in Scandinavia falconry in Denmark after a 200-year break
Link Falconer by Shigeru Shiro
Link Tombstone of William Sakings in Livermere, Suffolk, UK - falconer to Charles the First, Charles the
Link Aaron Shikler, The Falconer with Falcon, 1964, Oil on canvas, Courtesy of the artist and Davis & Lan