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Artefacts By Species (2181 to 2200 of 2877)

Link George Edward Lodge (British, 1860-1954) Rook Hawking near Chesterfield, Cambridgeshire
Link Kyrghyz greyhound Tazy with falconer on the background
Link A mounted prince with a hawk , ca. 1650–1699 - style of Muin Musavvir
Link Prince Richard, the Future Richard the Lionheart, with a Hawk by Peter Jackson
Link Hawking. A young Victorian lady with a hawk by Thomas Davidson (1842-1919)
Link Maharaja Suraj Mal with a hawk (LI118.89)
Link A goshawk drinking (LI118.106) - The Collection of Howard Hodgkin
Link Medieval couple riding a horse and going hunting with a hawk. After L'Almanach des bergers (The shep
Link A Young Boy in Highland Dress with a Hawk by unknown artist
Link Byzanthine Dish with a Hawk
Link English School c.1840 - Portrait of a young man with a hawk, Oil on canvas,
Link Man on horse with a hawk - India - Ashmolean Museum Oxford
Link Girl with a Hawk (Wallpaper)
Link Simran Singh Khalsa with a Hawk
Link Girl with a Hawk by Yarrow Brown
Link Boston College Eagle (Hawk)
Link Chinese Mandarin bowl, Qianlong (1736-95), decorat Ref: P767
Link Pr of Chinese Mandarin cups, Qianlong (1736-95)dec Ref: P776
Link Video - how to treat Royal falcons (narrated in Russian)
Link Falconry in Russia - documentary - 16 min 22 sec - 2006 - series Rybolov-okhotnik