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Book Article by Dr Altay Zh. Zhatkanbaev "Ancient Art of falconry in Kazakhstan" Manuscript of an interesting article in English of well-known Kazakhi naturalist, filmmaker and ornithologist "Ancient Art of Falconry in Kazakhstan" submitted to the late Lorant de Bastyai is present
Book Abstracts in Proceedings of "Hunting in Northern Europe" Meeting The Proceedings of ther Conference “Hunting in northern Europe until 1500 AD” (Old traditions and regional developments, continental sources and continental influences) (Schleswig, June 16th and 1
Book 75 Jaar Valkerij "Adriaan Mollen" 75 Jaar Valkerij "Adriaan Mollen"
Book Un-Gol-Bang. a 14th century Korean treatise on falconry. Un-Gol-Bang. a 14th century Korean treatise on falconry. This treatise even has methodes of oriental medicine for sick hawks.
Book La chasse au vol au fil des temps. 268 pp. La chasse au vol au fil des temps. 5 juin - 23 octobre 1994. Musee International de la Chassse - Gien. 1994. 268 pp.
Link Japanese Falconry Heritage DB Project
Link "Sovereigns of the Sky" by Steve Bodio
Link 5 photos of falconers on the way to Bamian in Afghanistan by Tsur Shezaf
Link The Archives of Falconry
Link LE FAUCONNIER - Thierry Bruet (1949)
Link International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF)
Link Kazakh Eagle Hunter Trains His Bird for Ancient Hunting Contest
Link Falconry - 2057 photos from Flickr web-site
Link Hawking. From Turberville's Book of Falconry, reproduced in Shakespeare's England.
Link Award of Arms for Arturus Falconeri
Link The Falconry Directory
Book Sayat. Les Aigliers de l'Altai (Sayat Eagle Hunters in Altai) Sayat. Les Aigliers de l'Altai (Sayat Egale Hunters in Altai)
Link Gem-set Enamelled Gold, India, 17th century CE
Link Voided Silk Brocade Velvet with Metal Threads SafavidIran, Early 17th century CE
Link Falconry in Algeria / Une Chasse au Faucon en Algérie (1909)