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FHT 013 - 014

Date Created: 31 October 2013

A five year old falconer.

Capt. C.V.R.Knight, the famous naturalist, has just returned from America, bringing with him a wild Red-tailed Hawk and an American Great Horned Owl. These he is training in the art of falconry, the hawk for use by day and the owl in the darkening hours. He is aided by his five year old daughter, Joan, who is starting early as a prospective falconer. Photo show the traning of these two birds at Capt. Knight's residence at Sevenoaks.

On photo - When the hawk has partaken of its food, it is hooded as falcons were hooded in the Middle Ages. The fact of the hood being placed on a hawk's head will unsure that the bird will remain tranquil and not dash about and run the risk of breaking its feathers. 11 May.

With many thanks to BFC and Tony James.

Author: Fox

Source: Private Collection

Owner: Unknown

Location: UK

FHT 013

FHT 013