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Chuikov Semen "Hunter with the Golden Eagle"

Date Created: 21 August 2013

Picture of Russian artist Semen Afanasievich Chuikov (1902-1980) "Hunter with the Golden Eagle". 1938. Artist was awarded by two Stalin premiums, but in 1966 he signed official letter to General Secretary L.I.Brezhnev against rehabilitation of Iosif Stalin. Kyrgyzstan. Picture is kept in Kyzrgyz National Museum of Arts named after G.A.Aitiev in Bishkek. 

Author: Chuikov Semen Afanasievich (1902-1980)

Source: Internet

Owner: Kyrghyz National Museum of Arts, Bishkek

Location: Kyrghyz National Museum of Arts, Bishkek

Chukov S.A.

Chukov S.A. "Hunter with the Golden Eagle"