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Arm Sleeve, Tao Xiu

Arm Sleeve

Date Created: 01 July 2008

In Chinese falconry the arm sleeve or Tao Xiu is used in favour to the glove of western falconry. This soft lightly padded sleeve is very effective even with big female goshawks. It seems to be favoured more by falconers of Northern China and only used with goshawks, it is still very much in use today. The design come from the Qing Dynasty and the yellow colour was only used for the Emperor and his Dukes all other lower ranks used the white colour. This is still very evident today as I have only seen the white colour in use.

Author: Alan Gates

Source: Alan Gates

Owner: Alan Gates

Location: Northern China

Click link to to download the file: Arm Sleeve (283.98 KB)

Arm Sleeve

Arm Sleeve