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The Hamond Letters

Author: Richard Hamond

Year of Publication: not published yet

Source: Original letters

Publisher: no publisher

Place of Publication: not published

Pages: 118 pp.

Language: English

It was in 1795 in a letter written by Richard to his sister Sarah that the story commences. In this letter the Falconer John Daems is mentioned and he is obviously known to the Hamond family. Another letter written in 1796 by the Reverend Salmon introduces John Dawson Downes to Anthony Hamond. These letters, discovered in the Norfolk Record Office led to the finding of many others that had been preserved and retained by the Hamond family and in particular Sarah who kept many of the letters that Richard wrote to her over the years. As the story unfolds, through the letters that are copied below, many are in their original form, copied exactly with the abbreviations of the time, and the spelling mistakes that were made. On occasion, some words are unreadable and due to rips and tears of letters being over 200 years old and indeed some parts have faded. However, in the main they are readable and some falconry history and names of Falconers known to many of us will come to light. Commencing with the first letter written by Richard Hamond (aged 23) to his sister Sarah (aged 15).

Researched and typed by Paul Beecroft 2009 - 2010 with the assistance of Peter Devers, David Horobin and Ben Mondelaers, The Falconry & Cigar Museum in Valkenswarrd and The Norfolk Records Office. With special thanks to J.W.M Van De Wall for allowing the use of the photographs from his book The Loo Falconry.

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