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Khristovich G.K. 1902. Article in "Nature"

Author: Khristovich G.K.

Year of Publication: 1902

Volume: Broi 6 and 7

Issue: Broi 7 and 7

Pages: 102-103

Language: Bulgarian

Article "Lov s dresirany sokoli (Falconry) in Bulgarian consists of 2 parts and wazs published in Priroda "Nature" magazine in two parts: first part in Nr 6-7 on pp 102-103 and scond part in Nr9-10 on pp.157-159. The title for the first article is "History" and the second one "Training".

4 drawings. File is kindly submitted by Prof Dr Dimitar Nankinov and Prof Dr Boris Nikolov.

Click link to to download the file: Khritsovich G.K. 1902 (552.93 KB)