International Conference on Falconry & Conservation.

Author: Team of co-authors

Year of Publication: 1976

Source: Library of Dr.Nick Fox

Publisher: Privately published

Place of Publication: London & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pages: over 40

Language: Arabic, English and German

Table of Contents:

Foreword. H.~H.Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayid Al-Nihayyan. 5-6. R.B.Sergeant. Introduction. 7-10. Inside introduction: Dr Su'ad Mahir. Falconry in history and the arts of antiquity. 8. Professor Umberto Rizzitano. Traces of Arab-Islamic civilization in Sicily in the days of Roger II and Frederick II. 8. Dr.Muhammad'and Al-Halim. Falconry in Arabic verse. 9. Sa'id Salman. How sakers are hunted. 9. Roger Upton. Conservation and the United Arab Emirates. 9. Dr Detlef Moeller. Arabic treatises on falconry. 9-10. Francois Vire. Essays on the various names of flying birds mentioned in the principal mediaeval Arabic Mss. on falconry. 10. Dr.Kurt Lindner. The work of Frederick II, von Hohenstaufen in historical retrospect. 10. Yasin Safadi. Bibliographical Study. 10. Roger Upton. Conservation and the United Arab Emirates. 11-13. Dr Detlef Moeller. Arabic treatises on falconry. 14-18. Francois Vire. Essai de Determination des Oiseaux-de-vol, mentionnes dans les principaux manuscripts arabes medievaux sur la fauconnerie. 19-25. Dr.Kurt Lindner. Tragoedie der Monumentalitaet Das Werk Friedrichs II. Von Hohenstaufen in historischer Sicht. 26-30. Kinya Nakajima. Falconry in Japan. 31-32. Yasin Safadi. Falconry: A Bibliographical Study. 33-36. Glossary of technical hunting terms. 37-39. List of plates. 40.

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International Conference on Falconry & Conservation. Abu Dhabi 10-18 December 1976.

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