The Tsar’s Cup (Tsarscaia) Farnese Regiment Madrid, Spain

Date Created: 25 October 2019

Author: DeeAnn Hoff

Source: The Internet

Owner: Farnese Regiment,

Location: Madrid, Spain

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The Tsar’s Cup (Tsarscaia) Farnese Regiment Madrid, Spain
(Romanov News, #96, 2016, 81)

Accepting that the Madrid kovsh was an Imperial military presentation piece, it is not identified specifically as having been a product of Fabergé’s workshops. This falconer version does include detail illustrated on the archival sketch shown below. The secondary hunters with hunting hounds shown on the sketch appear as well on the regimental ‘gift’. It is, however, a far more roughly crafted variation of a falconer-themed kovsh. Even allowing for the visual quality, the craftsmanship appears far less disciplined and executed, as can be noted on the features of the falconer, his garments, and the tack of his steed.


As explored in the previous newsletter segments, the Bogatyr themes of the kovshes, had deep roots in Russian history and their expression through the Russian Decorative Arts during the period of the Fabergé firm’s operation. The theme of the ‘Falconer’ is no exception to this trend. The falcon hunt was a favorite entertainment of the nobility in medieval Russia, most especially by the Boyars, the highest rank in feudal aristocracies.


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