Soviet feature film "A Winged Gift" 1957

Date Created: 12 September 2013

Author: Directors : A.Slobodnik, Emir Faik

Source: The Internet

Owner: Alma-Ata cinematographic studio

Location: Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Link to: Website

Click link to download the file: Krylatyi podarok Engl.pdf (310.73 KB)

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Soviet feature film "A Winged Gift".

In 1957 in Moscow the premier e of feature film «A Winged Gift» was held (premiere in Alma-Ata (now – Almaty) was on 13 April 1957). Production: Alma-Ata cinematographic studio of feature films and documentaries, 1956. Directors: A.Slobodnik, Emir Faik. Scenario writers: Maxim Zverev, Vladimir Shreiberg. Camera-men: Isaak Gitlevich, Boris Sigov. Composer: Kapar Musin. Artists: Yuriy (Yuda) Vainshtok, R.Sakhi. Actors: Khakim Davletbekov, Mukhtar Bakhtygereev, Tanat Zhailibekov, Amina Umurzakova, S.Koshkenbaev, G.Narmagambetov, A.Edygenov, L.Klimova-Myktybaeva, L.Novikov, S.Kurkamalov, Pavel Volkov, Serke (Seraly) Kozhamkulov, F.Aranyshev, K.Suleimanov.

This movie is on young naturalists, their love to animals, readiness and persistence. In young naturalists of kolkhoz fur farm Serebryanka the fox was escaped. Guys ask old hunter Mukhtar-aga to trap fox by means of the Golden Eagle. Hunter (falconers) gives his consent. In duel with fox the Golden Eagle is getting conquered. Mukhtar-aga was disappointed: bird will not be able to hunt. Then guys decide to catch (trap) the young Golden Eagle and to give it to Mukhtar-aga. Khasen and Sasha are heading to mountains. But soon Sasha got a corn and was behind. Khasen goes further alone. He reaches Eagle’s nest and tries to catch chick, but he is attacked by adult Golden Eagle… In morning forester Kuzmich together with guys is heading to find Khasen. They found him in cave. Together with the Golden Eagle chick guys return home. Soon forester has managed to trap Serebryanka with small fox-cubs. Forester passes over entire family to young naturalists. In hot summer days the young naturalists organize fishing (angling), hunt on sousliks and tortoises. All these things are necessary to feed foxes of fur farm. In collective work friendship of guys is getting stronger. Young naturalists train young Golden Eagle to hunt. On the day of fest of hunters children give Golden Eagle as a gift to Mukhtar-aga.


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