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The Falconer by Paolo Caliari, called Veronese (1528-1588)

The Falconer (Paolo Veronese)

Date Created: 03 October 2018

Measurements -200 x 100 cms
Type -Oil on canvas
Where is It? - Acquired by the Fondation Bemberg , France.
Historical Period -Mannerism & Cinquecento - 1530-1600
Subject - Portrait
School -Italian - Venetian
Price band -Sold or not available

Author: Paolo Caliari, called Veronese (1528-1588), Italian artist

Source: The Internet

Owner: The Matthiesen Gallery

Location: The Matthiesen Gallery 7/8 Mason’s Yard Duke Street, St. James’s London SWIY 6BU

Link to Website: http://matthiesengallery.com/work_of_art/the-falconer