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Artefacts By Time (501 to 520 of 2877)

Link Falcon (brass incence burner) in Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar
Link Exhibiting the Falcons - Russia - 17th. c.
Link Don Quixote and Sancho Meeting the Lady Hawking
Link Das Falken- und Hundebuch des Kalifen al-Mutawakkil
Link Craftsman Falconer's Cuvee 2003 - Hungarian Wine
Link Costume of Russian falconer 18th century
Link Colour postcard of Saudi Arabian falconer
Link Chand Bibi Hawking
Link Brown Gyr holding on a Leuistic or albino Bewick's or Whooper Swan, Cygnus cygnus by the pink be
Link Birds of Prey in Islamic Heraldry by DR. MURRAY LEE EILAND
Link Bird Lore in Southwestern Iran by Grace Goodell
Link Berkutchi at Russian London Photo Gallery
Link Berkutchi - film on Berkutchi in Kazakhstan
Link Bedouin falconer in Jordan in 1900-1920
Link Bedouin falconer from the UAE
Link Bayeux hawking
Link Archive Iberoamericano de Cetreria
Link Bahrain Falconer 1978
Link Ancient Falconry by Keith Dobney
Link Arab Falconers, Algiers by Eugene Fromentin