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By Species

Artefacts By Species (1921 to 1940 of 2759)

Link O. P. Staber (c.1880–1922) Salon No. 2 Exhibiting a circa 1898 panel of a "Mediaeval Falconer"
Link Women and falconry, hawking circa 1850
Link Dubai Falconry by Qa9ed2000
Link Richard Blome 1686 Folio Print. Hawking or Falconry
Link ‘Heian eagle hunting’ by Kanō Shōsen’in
Link Altair Computer Wallpaper - Falconer
Link Two Rare Antique Plumed Leather Falconry Hoods (1800 to 1900 Mongolian / European)
Link Falconry crests by Claire Fricke in Ralph Lauren magazine
Link This falconry thing sure does get around.....in Hungary
Link Last 5 photos - falconry scenes in Yusupoff Palace Museum in Moscow
Link Falconer, Morocco by Hicham Eddahabi
Link 5 falconry scenes by Henri Julien Rousseau (1844-1910) at Nice Art Gallery, France
Link Falconer by Fhima Maurice
Link Moroccan falconer byPLAURIOZ Patrice, born in 1959 (France)
Link Falconer by LAURIOZ Patrice, born in 1959 (France)
Link Peintre en decor fauconnier
Link Falconer with borzoi (statuette) by Hans Achtziger
Link Little falconer (statuette) from Graz
Link Falconer on Horse by Angelo comte de Courten (Italian, 1848–1925) made in 1924
Link Falconer Lady on Horse