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FHT 011 - 012

Date Created: 31 October 2013

An Eagle without a history.

Mr. Ramshaw, the famous eagle belonging to Capt. C.R.W. Knight has arrived in London after the most eventual journey in its celebrated life. Capt. Knight and the eagle were on board the evacueed ship when it was torpeded in the Atlantic, and after being transferred to destroyer, they eventually arrived back at a Northern port. Capt. Knight and his eagle were in Arras when the Germans caused a hurried evacuation, so that this remarkable bird is adding still further chapters to its remarkable history.

On photo - Capt. Knight photographed with his eagle "Mr. Ramshaw" on arrival in London. 6 Sept. 1940.

With many thanks to BFC and Tony James.

Author: Fox

Source: Private Collection

Owner: Unknown

Location: UK

FHT 011

FHT 011