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Chinese Falconry swivels

Chinese Hawk swivels in low resolution

Date Created: 01 July 2008

Chinese swivels "Ying huan zi" In Qing dynasty, the Emperors employed a group of professional falconers to work for them. They were called the "Royal hawk and dog trainers" The Emperors had their private falconry designers, both jewellery and leather craftsmen. When the Qing dynasty (the last of the dynasties) finished, some of the Emperors falconry equipment was taken out of the Palace by some Chinese families. One eunuch took a number of Imperial swivels, later he sold them to a collector in Beijing. This collector has 12 Royal swivels and has preserved them for his own collection.

Author: Alan Gates

Source: Alan Gates

Owner: Alan Gates

Location: Northern China

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