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Ponomarev 2006 front cover

Secrets of skills. Falconry. Biology of birds of prey, training and rearing, diseases and prophylaxi

Author: Ponomarev, V.T. (author-compiler)

Year of Publication: 2006

Publisher: ACT (Moscow) and Stalker (Donetsk)

Place of Publication: Moscow (Russa) and Donetsk (Ukraine)

Pages: 206 p.

Language: Russian

ISBN: 5-17-035556-4 (ACT); 966-696-986-6 (Stalker)

Data on falconry are presented. Conditions of husbandry, methods of feeding and preparation to hunting season of Gyrfalcons, Saker Falcons, Peregrine Falcons, hawks and other birds of prey are described in details.

Introduction. 3. "Beautiful fun with birds" .10. Biology of birds of prey. 27. Training of hunting birds of prey. 39. Training (manning) of hunting birds of prey. 65. King of falcons - gyrfalcon. 71. Winged treasure - Saker Falcon. 81. Swift "pilgrim" - Peregrine Falcon. 83. "Feathered wolf - Goshawk. 94. Hunter in hear - Sparrowhawk. 106. Aerial acrobats. 109. Powerful eagle - Golden Eagle. 118. "Universal Arab Technology". 128. Bird diseases. 143. Measures on safety in falconry. 165. Prayers of falconer. 172. Appendix 1. Falconer's glossary. 176. Appendix 2. Impact of vitamins on bird organism. 196. Appendix 3. Medicinal plants for birds. 204. Literature