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Falcons on post-stamps

Author: Dr.Tadeusz Mizera

Year of Publication: 2007

Source: Studia i Materialy Osrodka Kultury Lesnej

Publisher: Editor-Osrodek Kultury Lesnej w Goluchowie

Place of Publication: Osrodek Kultury Lesnej w Goluchowie

Issue: 6

Pages: 19-26

Language: Polish with English summary

Our culture is enriched by collecting materials connected with forests and their inhabitants as part of the broadly interpreted cultural role of forests. Products of material culture, resulting from contacts with forests, become objects for collectors, including philatelists. The paper presents an example of the combined interest of the author in ornithology and the subject of "world falcons". The systematics of the family Falconidae has been presented. The author discusses the role of philately in promoting falconer's traditions in Arab countries and the ways of presenting the image of falcons in the countries where bird species names are connected with country names (for instance, Mauritius, New Zealand). A list of countries which have issued stamps with falcons and the falcon species has been presented. Key words: stamp collecting, birds, falcons

Article is posted owing to kind permission of Dr. Tadeusz Mizera

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